Thursday, September 2, 2010

September Special

Hey All!!

Now is the time to begin focus on diet and training to combat weight gain for the Holidays!!

I counted up today and there are abot 11 key memberships available if you or someone you know (that would make a good member!) are interested. To sweeten the deal and address the usual fall slump, how about a special on our One Year Membership?

A new membership for total gym useage (cardio and strength training equipment) is $50/month which is $600/year. We offer a 25% discount on the one year which is $450 and saves $150. Until the end of September, we offer the full membership for $400 - That is a $200 discount! No catches, no contracts, no kidding!!!

For those of you who know that the strength training component is the meat and potatoes of any program and would like an even sweeter deal... $300. New Strength Training Only Memberships are $40/month. That's $480/year. Even with the 25% discount you are looking at $360. Until the end of the month, $300 will get you a full year.

Now realize that these are individual memberships, you won't get referral discounts, the key (if you don't have one already) is a one time payment of $25 above the membership cost, and the membership runs for one year from the time you pay and get set-up.

Yoga is meeting again at 5:00PM on Wednesday & Friday afternoons, as well as Monday and Wednesday at 6:50AM. Yoga Classes only cost you $5 per class if you aren't a current member, and the class is free if you have the Full Membership.

Hours for the public and non-key members are Monday, Wednesday, and Friday from 4:00 until 6:00 PM.

Take advantage of a great deal!!!

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Many thanks to our CardMembers for your help and cooperation in all things related to the gym.

This is a poem that I heard on NPR today, reminds me of my Dad and Grandad.

The Hay Rake
by Kate Barnes

One evening I stopped by the field to watch the hay rake
drawn toward me by two black, tall, ponderous horses
who stepped like conquerors over the fallen oat stalks,
light-shot dust at their heels, long shadows before them.
At the ditch the driver turned back in a wide arc,
the off-horse scrambling, the near-horse pivoting neatly.
The big side-delivery rake came about with a shriek—
its tines were crashing, the iron-bound tongue groaned aloud—
then, Hup, Diamond! Hup, Duke! and they set off west,
trace-deep in dust, going straight into the low sun.

The clangor grew faint, distance and light consumed them;
a fiery chariot rolled away in a cloud of gold
and faded slowly, brightness dying into brightness.
The groaning iron, the prophesying wheels,
the mighty horses with their necks like storms—
all disappeared; nothing was left but a track
of dust that climbed like smoke up the evening wind.

"The Hay Rake" by Kate Barnes, from Where the Deer Were. © David R. Godine, 1994.

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  1. This will be the last yearly special until Spring, so spring to action now and save some big bucks!!