Monday, July 20, 2009

The Ocoeeeeeeee!!!!

Me, Jen & Seth just enjoyed an awesome Rafting Trip down the Ocoee yesterday. Met some great people, had an awesome time, and did it all in a day trip!
Being fit and healthy allows you a lot of freedom and options for going out and enjoying yourself. Make sure you are doing your part to keep and/or enhance your fitness and health.
We are all in this for the long haul - life isn't a sprint for most of us....
Do something every day to enhance your well-being. Hike, bike, walk, strength train - whatever you enjoy! Just make sure your over-all program is balanced, enjoyable, and enhances your life.

PS I have some pictures of the trip on the Slide Show at my website ( of us rafting, as well as other information about the gym - call or e-mail and tell me how I can help you!

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