Tuesday, July 14, 2009

We Are Now Semi-Private(What this means)

Our new security system is working great. We are going to limit the number of members at around 70. This is for two reasons. First and best, this will insure less of a crowd and less time waiting around - always have a plan B and you won't have to inturrupt your routine. Second, the rat b*#**$## who promised 500 keys sent 75. Two have already been misplaced, so that leaves around 70. So, basically, if you are a member at Agee's Gym, your hours have not been restricted, the "Open Gym" hours only pertain to nonmembers and reflect when the front door will be open to the public.
On a final note, if you choose to discontinue your membership, please turn in key ASAP to avoid late penalties- as there are others waiting to get keys.

Work Hard...but Be Smart!!

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